Objective: Design a typeface based on a historical person

The typeface was based on Frederick the Great, who was known for his military tactics, as well being a lover and appreciator of the arts and philosophy. The name references his nickname "old Fritz" and the German word for battle "Krieg," while also being a play on the phrase "Blitzkrieg." The concept of this typeface was to combine the toughness of battle, with the beauty of art. He was alive during the 1700s, and enjoyed the Rococo art movement. As Frederick II was also a great king, it also looks regal, while having a dangerous edge.

The book design showcasing the typeface also replicates that of an 18th Century volume. The layout mixes battle formation tactics, with that of Rococo motifs. It also features a parchment-like paper, gold-gilded edges, and the title solely featured on the spine. The cover is decorated with the typeface letters itself to create a patterned illustration.

You can download the Fritzkrieg font here (TTF).